Nowadays, many seafarers in their above 50’s are still wanted to get onboard, but then companies would rather choose 50 years old and below age limit. Most of the companies preferred to hire young workers because they are more competent and they can overcome hard workloads.

In the maritime industry, shipping companies preferred younger seafarers over the aged ones for some main reasons. And according to United Filipino Seafarers President Engr. Nelson Ramirez, despite of older seafarers extensive experience,

  • Shipping companies cannot hold onto the service of older seamen any longer.
  • They are prone of different illnesses because of their aging body.
  • High insurance premium.
  • Many of older seafarers with end contracts usually find reasons to file cases with total disability.

Moreover, per Engr. Ramirez’ advised to the seafarers in order to achieve success before their career hits the end of its peak,

  • DREAM – Dream big as you can. Dream that you want to become rich. Dream that you don’t want to become poor.
  • LEARN WHY – Most of us don’t bother learning the ropes on how to properly become financially successful.
  • PLAN – If you fail to plan, then YOU PLAN TO FAIL. The problem is that most of the planning is wrong. Plan your future and allocate your earnings and saving for appropriate use.
  • IMPLEMENT – Most of us are inconsistent or have wrong plans. You may get a Financial Coach for consultations.

In conclusion, younger seafarers are highly valued because in the modern workplace where everything is in fast-paced, younger seamen can work well under pressure in order to get promotions and high salaries. We need to see clearly that we should balance the need of younger seafarers in order to respect the older ones, who devoted their lives to the company. And so that the younger seafarers can definitely continue what the older seafarers have started.

“Time is gold. Don’t waste any time. Pursue a license immediately. You should have plans in your life and have a target, a target that when you hit the age of 30, you must attain your captain or chief engineer license,” Engr. Ramirez stated.

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