In my previous article, “A Seaman’s life”, I emphasized that a seaman is the conservator of his family in their social and material necessities. They are the “bagong bayani” of our country and implied hero of his family.

Accounting the old saying that seamen are unfaithful to their families or by-worded as “Seamanloloko”, I would say indubitably that we are the most faithful husband.

Seamen leave his family because of necessity that could not be achieved easily while working on land, and that’s the inconvenient truth.

He stays away from his loving children, wife and other loved ones among others, continuously for at least six or more months.

Most seamen prefer to stay away from home on longer period so they could earn more and perhaps could spend more time with their family.

But in most cases, the period of sea service stipulated in the contract is to be followed adhering to the rotation plan of seamen in the company.

From the time when the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code took effect (July 2004), seamen are generally not allowed to go ashore in most countries when not on official business or emergency.

Vessels are strictly guarded when they are alongside berth and most vessels are anchored or berthed far away from shore to perform cargo operations.

Visitors of all intentions are also controlled including material objects brought ashore and on board.

Gone are the old days when seamen are privileged to go ashore during their off-duty hours and visitors are not stringently controlled.

Hence, the crew prefers to stay on-board wandering and intentionally saving their money for their loved ones; for their dreams.

Hence, the crew prefers to stay on-board wandering and intentionally saving their money for their loved ones; for their dreams.

Wives should have noted that this time. Aren’t we that faithful? Note: This is only an observation and not reflective to all. Compared to a woman who is married to a man working on land?

She is always paranoid to the other activities of her husband who reasons out to her when he comes home late… traffic or other things?

With all the ladies’ cosmetics, they look attractive and generally liberated. And in so many related instances, emotion and money are involved.

If things as such happen and cannot be solved harmoniously rather than emotionally, a broken family is expected.

A seaman should be trusted especially when he is away. Remember, he leaves his loved ones to work, to earn money for them.

If a seaman buys material things, then who uses them longer? Who enjoys it longer? Petty problems at home should not be heralded to their husbands on board ship as they may have bigger problems that may hinder their safety as they worry.

My advice to the wives of seamen is—trust your husband when he is away to work as how you trusted him when you accepted him to be your husband.


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