Shiptek Solutions Corp., a software development company sees better prospect in digital logistics, as the global shipping and logistics market will reach $4.1 trillion this year.

Shiptek Founder and CEO Eugenio Ynion, Jr. said shipping and logistics market will reach $4 trillion or $4.1 trillion because the economies in the world are growing.

He said the study on global container shipments have factored in the growth of economies in United States, Europe and China.

“To give you an estimate of the global container business, the global traffic is 200 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). Philippines only had 4.5 million TEUs out of the 200 million TEUs. China had 120 million TEUS. The rest are scattered in other countries,” he said.

“What we’re doing is we offer a platform called Xlog that is open for the shipping and logistic market. The digital logistic is more than a trillion dollar industry. The new digital and logistics world is changing the game,” he said in an interview.

Ynion said there is a huge potential for profit in the digital logistics platform and he expected that this will also create opportunities for small players.

Shiptek marketing head Nico Gonzales said Xlog is a digital platform for global shipping and logistics industry. Xlog is cloud -based software created to be a visually guided end- to- end import or export process.

“It is a platform that was created by shippers for shippers. It is time efficient, it gives quality of service, it gives flexibility, and most importantly it’s a smuggling deterrent,” Gonzales said.

Joey Ynion, managing director of Shiptek said Xlog enables exporters and importers to harness the potentials of e-Commerce. He said Xlog is helping shippers interact with logistics companies.

“It guarantees safety and security of goods in transit with its extensive GPS tracking feature and allows shipper to see the exact location of goods in real time,” Joey said.

Ynion said there is an unstoppable shift in digital channels, as shippers wanted to perform more routine transactions at their own convenience.

Xlog services are offered to exporters, importers, brokers, freight forwarders, shipping lines and customs. The use of Xlog can bring in savings of up to 30 percent for shippers, because it removes the middleman. It charges a fee of 2 percent of the total fees in the transactions for platform usage.

Ynion said the potential to turn the digital platform into revenue generators is enormous. He cited as an example, that vacant lots can be leased by owners to serve as parking lots for trucks. Truckers can also have their trucks leased. They can register to Xlog as service provider.

Ynion said Xlog can be comparable to Uber for trucking service, Traveloka and Airbnb.

Xlog provides importers and exporters a wide range of services and vendors to choose from, allowing them to get the best possible rates and choose a reputable provider.

Currently, Xlog has processed at least 600 containers a month. It is being used by Ynion’s group of companies such as Le Soleil Shipping Agencies Inc., Le Soleil International Logistics Company and Fil-Port Express Brokerage.


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