As part of its effort to be at pace with a fast growing maritime technology and automation, the Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) launched last May 25, the Marina Online Appointment System. It allows seafarers and stakeholders to have access to an automated system which provides an easier and more convenient way to complete necessary processes to duly comply with Marina requirements as set by the Standard of Training, Certification and Watch keeping (STCW).

“You can even do the processes from the comforts of your home.” Atty. Vera Joy S. Ban-eg guaranteed during the “Usapang STCW” Forum held in PICC, Pasay City last week where the new system was also launched formally. According to Atty. Ban-eg, the user-friendly interface plus the great features it offers is a product of Marina attending to seafarers with the objective of bringing ease to what was once an everyday struggle of every seafarer to be certified and for every institution to be compliant.

It offers real time feedback for incomplete requirements and one can check and setup available slots for appointment. The entire system will be piloted this week within Metro Manila. It is expected to be fully functional by June 25 in celebration of the International Seafarers’ Day.

The event was spearheaded by the new administrator, Rey Leonardo B. Guerrero who also took the opportunity to announce his plans for Marina by naming his 14-Point Priority Agenda for 2018. These are:

Re-Engineering and updating of the Contents of the Marina website; Completion of the draft 10-Year Maritime Industry Development Program (MIDP); Compliance with the Audit Findings of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) on the Philippine Maritime Education, Training and Certification System;Assessment on the Implementation of Republic Act. No. 9295 otherwise known as “The Domestic Shipping Development Act of 2004”;

Completion of the draft Revised Philippine Merchant Marine Rules and Regulations; Completion of the Marina Quality Procedures covering all major services at the Marina Central Service Units in preparation for the eventual implementation of the Marina Integrated Management System;

Completion of the draft Philippine Fishing Vessels Rules and Regulations;

Preparation for the Philippine Audit under the IMO Member State Audit Scheme (IMSAS) in 2021;

Implementation of Regulatory Reforms to ease doing business in the maritime industry and he expanded anti-red tape act of 2017;
Accelerated filling up of vacant plantilla positions;

Proposal for new organizational structure of the Marina;

Strengthened and substantial Philippine participation in international meetings and conferences, where Marina participants should have them prepared and cleared positions, interventions and papers before allowing them to travel;

Validation by the Civil Service Commission of Marina’s implementation of the strategic performance management system; and 14. Revival of the Marina Performance Governance System (PGS).The forum was also attended by the Maritime Ambassador of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)Carlos C. Salinas.


Credits To: The Manila Times



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