OSM Maritime Services Inc. has been in the manning and shipping business for 28 years and for more than two decades has attributed its success to its valuable and primary asset — its people!

“IT’S ALL ABOUT PEOPLE!  is OSM’s motto and the guiding light that governs its vision of being a long term partner for its customers, a home for its people and an asset to the society.

OSM Group Chairman and Founder, Mr. Bjorn Tore Larsen has explained the context of this principle by saying, “IT’S ALL ABOUT PEOPLE is basically about the RIGHT PEOPLE … the right people who live our values, has a passion for what we are doing, has a passion for our service, has a passion for our customers and who really would like to win.  We never, ever, really want to give up, and our people really have to have that fire inside. So, it’s really all about the RIGHT PEOPLE!”

OSM’s noble VISION is kept ablaze and steadfast by its set of VALUES that define OSM and its people.  As OSM Chairman adds, “our products may change, our strategies may change but our VALUES don’t change.  They are the pillars of which we are built on.”

With the welfare and development of its people being at the core of OSM’s  business and through consistency and persistence in contributing to the good of society and the community, OSM has gained the respect and the recognition of the Maritime Industry.

From year 2000-2013, OSM has been bestowed with numerous awards from POEA as follows: POEA SPECIAL CITATION FOR EXEMPLARY WELFARE SERVICES FOR ITS SEAMEN AND ALLOTTEES (2000), POEA TOP PERFORMER (2000, 2002 and 2005) and POEA AWARD OF EXCELLENCE (2009 and 2013) while being a CONSUMERS UNION OF THE PHILIPPINES’ OUTSTANDING SHIPPING AGENCY in 2001 and 2002.

In more recent times, on October of 2017, OSM has received another prestigious award by bagging the ASIA CEO AWARDS for  HEART FOR OFWS COMPANY OF THE YEAR given to corporations that implement specific programs that produce positive and significant effect to Overseas Filipino Workers and their families.  This was such a welcome surprise to OSM who was like David among industry Goliaths.

OSM President, Mailyn Borillo explained, ““I think OSM won this award because of our strong collaborative efforts to provide services that go the extra-mile to produce positive and significant effects for our OSM seafarers and their families.  She further elaborated, “We are a company who truly cares for our employees, seafarers and their families. In 2016, we strengthened and carefully planned an enhanced program for our seafarers and for the OSM Seafarers Family Club (OSM SFC).  We have conducted numerous seminars on a variety of important topics such as health, investing, leadership, family and personal development. Across all 10 chapters of the OSM SFC we saw an increase in quarterly engagement and have experienced a considerable increase in participation levels. It is really heartwarming that the improvements we have implemented are being noticed.”

Furthermore, OSM in its sincere desire to touch lives and make a difference in the society has established OSM-Adonis Donato Foundation to give college scholarships grants to deserving high school graduates from the poor communities and from its seafarers’ ratings and office employees. The foundation also conducts Social Development Initiatives (SDI) to provide trainings and seminars to students and teachers to further develop their skills and assist selected public high schools improve their facilities and educational programs.

In the same light, OSM invests to a great extent in the development of its shore staff employee by providing them with employee activities, trainings and policies that are geared towards establishing more than just work relationships but more so building life relationships! In addition to the technical trainings extended to enhance job related skills OSM likewise provide personal trainings and practical life coaching on health, finances and family relationships.  In short, OSM believes in doing the best that it can to develop each and every individual member of the organization to their HIGHEST POTENTIAL such that in so doing it can pave the way for limitless opportunities and impact its customers and OSM as a whole.  As Stephen Covey reiterates, “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”

On March 21, 2018, OSM added another laurel to its name by being awarded by the NORDIC CHAMBER OF COMMERCE as this year’s winner for OUTSTANDING EMPLOYER OF THE YEAR! A truly heartwarming and humbling recognition of all the efforts and initiatives carried out by the team of OSM leaders worldwide, its hard-working and dedicated pool of seafarers – officers and support crew and its employees.  Working together hand in hand to achieve success in all aspects of business and personal life! Certainly, ITS ALL ABOUT PEOPLE and WILL ALWAYS BE!

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