As they say, nothing is constant but to innovate and change. That’s why seafarers and their families now must contemplate and urged to ponder what business they have to consider in investing and securing the future of their families.

This is also one of the reasons why some manning agencies in the country includes financial management and business venturing in their programs for their crew to be able to arm them for a sunnier future because most Filipino seafarers have problems in terms of financial management and that they need right education to prepare for their retirement since seafaring is not forever—and these must be realized by seafarers, primarily to those retiring.

One of the businesses that retiring or still active seafarers can venture in is the business of multi-level marketing, which has turned entrepreneurs into a millionaires, mainly because of their perseverance to attain the brighter future of their families and loved ones.

But for some, getting into a business is not that easy because of the obstacles and risks that should be considered. That’s why starting entrepreneurs are advised to have a talk from pertinent business coaches and mentors, so they will be guided accordingly.

And that’s what Be Rad Today is driving, especially to those who want to earn through direct selling.

In an interview with Tinig ng Marino, business coach and mentor Rad Pelayo said he knows the predicament when you are starting the business, therefore he and his team are more than willing to impart their time and effort to coach those who want to start in building his business empire.

“Direct selling business offers a good option for people of all ages, genders and income levels. It is a good business opportunity for people who want to earn unlimited income while having flexibility and control over their lives.” said Rad, a physical therapist by profession, former medical representative of a known pharmaceutical company and then laundry shop entrepreneur with many branches.

He furthered that during his stint as a regular employee, he is earning a six-digit salary but the job he was into before demanded him so much time, 12 hours a day, depriving him of social life and time for his family and friends, plus inflicting him the dreaded stress.

“During those days, I am not happy because I am feeling the stress and pressure 24/7. And I am already questioning myself if I will be a slave of my boss for the rest of my life. Then a friend introduced me to the business of direct selling and multi-level marketing by means of attending some business talks. And hearing their triumphs, then I obliged myself to takeoff,” Rad narrated.

Rad, as what his friends are fond of calling him, said that he has been in the direct selling business for five fruitful years and already reaping the success of his curiosity, thankfully.

Rad right now is an Emerald Executive and earning in the direct selling business P250,000 a month, promoting the Nu Skin Enterprises, an American multi-level marketing company which develops and sells personal care products and dietary supplements, founded in 1984 in Provo, Utah.

Rad right now belongs to the top 1,400 entrepreneurs who are now earning their first Million dollar mark after venturing to direct selling business.

Rad said his earnings in the business are not hoax and not being bragged to lure future businessmen to encourage them to be a member of the group, since it was validated by Price Waterhouse Wooper (PWC) Auditing Firm, a network of firms in 157 countries with more than 223,000 people who are committed to delivering quality in assurance, advisory and tax services.

What is Be Rad Today?

Be Rad Today, (Rad means Wonderful, extraordinary in the dictionary) a business cluster erected by Rad, is a coaching and mentoring group which gears future business enthusiasts on how to reap extra income with no capital or fees to be collected.

Be Rad Today teaches newbie entrepreneurs to achieve their aspirations in putting up a business by means of imparting its best abilities in honing its clients to be the best businessman/ businesswoman that they want to be.

With the advent of social media 20 years ago, Rad said it is indeed a great avenue today for direct selling business to endorse products, instead of using it to bash and ridicule people.

“The business is into direct-selling, and it is booming nowadays and had made some dreamers to become millionaires. The business that we will be mentoring is FREE and our company is a member of the direct selling association of the Philippines and we do direct selling or direct to consumer marketing. We cater to 54 countries and it’s a global business utilizing social media such as Facebook, Instagram, among others,” Rad added.

Rad also noted that compared to other direct selling businesses, they are unique because they DO NOT earn by recruiting people, since they don’t have any membership or kits to pay for.

“We only earn by sharing/ selling products to our target customers by using them or promoting them via the said mediums. And most especially, we will teach you how to post properly with class and posture,” according to Rad.

Asked if the business would be beneficial and effective for retiring seafarers or to those who wanted to shift to this line of commerce, he said it is very lucrative given the fact that social media is very helpful compared to his time before where intrapersonal talk is used as a promotional tool.

“Nowadays, social media is very accommodating and almost every person, locally and internationally, is exhausting it. All they can do is maximize it, alongside their drive to uplift their condition. I am pretty sure that in God’s perfect time, they will appreciate life more in the coming years. You just have to decide and take the first leap to attain the financial freedom that you are dreaming. ” Rad explained.

He also noted that seafarers are capable of earning while attending to their jobs onboard or their wives are attending to the needs of their families or while having a vacation somewhere else in the world, since product promotion is online based and can be visited in just one click.

He added if seafarers, active or retiring, are keen to have financial freedom, then it is time to venture in and avail their expertise by simply visiting his page

How about Nu Skin?

Founded by Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson and Steve Lund, Nu Skin Enterprises is a company that would combine innovative personal care products with ingredients that subscribe to the philosophy of “all of the good, none of the bad” and a generous business opportunity that would attract high-caliber salespeople.

Since that time, Nu Skin has demonstrated a distinctively different approach to business. It began with an innovative concept of premium quality products and a uniquely compelling global business opportunity.

Today, Nu Skin is differentiated by its ability to demonstrate that they truly have the best people, product, culture, and opportunity in the direct sales, skin care and wellness industries. As the premier anti-aging company, Nu Skin sets the standard.

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