Seafarers’ remittances up 1.9 % in first half of 2016

THE hard-earned money sent by Filipino seafarers has reached $3.8 Billion from January to August of 2016 or 1.9 percent higher compared last year of the said period. In a statement, BSP Deputy Governor and officer-in-charge Nestor A. Espenilla Jr. supposed that cash remittances from sea-based workers fell moderately by 1.9 percent to reach $3.8 […]

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A few years ago a friend asked my assistance for the repatriation of the remains of her sister, an overseas migrant worker who died in the Middle East. Despite my willingness to provide the requested assistance, my ways are limited as I was confronted with complexities involved in the repatriation of an Overseas Filipino Worker […]

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Smoking and Cancer

Each individual’s DNA is the backbone of his body’s constitution. DNA dictates the way the cells of the body grow and function. Damage to one’s DNA may be brought about by exposure to poisons and radiation. This can eventually lead to uncontrollable growth creating cancerous tumors. HOW DOES TOBACCO EXPOSURE THROUGH SMOKING CAUSE CANCER? Many […]

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Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. considers closing its Shipbuilding Business

Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd said that they would consider a radical revision for their shipbuilding business due to low liquidity and decreasing profitability. The company is still negotiating whether to continue with their business venture and will take a decision until the end of the fiscal year in March 2017. The Company decreased its […]

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DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS FOR THE ISSUANCE/RENEWAL OF CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCY   Regulation II/4 and III/4   New Entrant   1. Registry of Ratings Assessed and Certified (RRAC) 2. Photocopy of Certificate of Proficiency (COP) on Basic Safety Training/Basic Training 3. Photocopy of Training Certificate on Rating Forming Part in Navigational Watch (RFPNW) / Rating Forming Part […]

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How to have your Seaman’s Book fast

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SET AN APPOINTMENT THRU THE MARINA ONLINE APPOINTMENT SYSTEM The MARINA enforces strict rules for personal appearance. All seafarers with appointment schedules, must appear physically at the MARINA on the specified date and time for image capturing.   1. Select the type of document (SIRB,COP or Licensure) to be applied for and choose an appointment […]

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