Right after the problem in the delay of the issuance of the SIRBs was resolved, numerous victims of illegal recruiters sought the assistance of UFS to get their money back and file charges against these ill-motive land-based and sea-based manpower agencies, which was said to have the finances and strong connection in the government. Unperturbed even by death threats and counter-suits from these illegal entities, UFS ran after them and did not let up until the guilty parties were sent behind bars. Among the manning agencies that exacted money from applicants for non-existing jobs that felt the wrath of UFS and eventually padlocked for good were Galilee Shipping and Manning Agency, Mabuhay Shipping Services Phils. Inc., and Cross Ocean Marine Services Inc.

Not too long ago, the UFS wore its anti-illegal recruiter cloak yet again against a manning agency exploiting Filipino seafarers by hiring them to engage in illegal oil smuggling in Nigeria. Despite the POEA ban from joining a vessel in Nigeria, Seagem Maritime International, Inc. was illegally deploying seafarers to the vessels of their notorious Greek principal plying Nigerian waters. The Filipino seafarers enter Nigeria via the port of Cotonou in Benin. Some of the Filipino seafarers deployed by Seagem International were either abducted by Niger rebels or caught by the Nigerian navy and languish in jail.


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