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Bimco launches maritime reporting model

The Baltic and International Maritime Council (Bimco) formally launched last week the Maritime Reporting Model (MRM) for ship masters that reportedly reduces the administrative workload associated with port calls by eighty percent. Anastasios Papagiannopoulos, Bimco president and CEO of dry bulk shipping company Common Progress says, “using one documents for all transactions reduces substantially the […]

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Social Media boost PH search and rescue ops

A key player and stakeholder in ensuring maritime safety, the Philippine Coastguard (PCG) is aided by social media in accomplishing the day-to-day tasks that prevent maritime disasters. The Philippine Coast Guard is social media savvy In a qualitative survey released to the officers of the PCG in April 2018, respondents stated that they used social […]

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Michaelmar Phils., Inc.: Triumphant at 20

Principals, directors, stockholders and distinguished guests joined the agency staff in celebrating Michaelmar Philippines’ 20th anniversary on 9 February 2018 at the Solaire Resort and Casino in Parañaque. The black-and-white formal occasion was earmarked for the appreciation of loyalty, dedication, and commitment from the people who have contributed to Michaelmar’s success for the past two […]

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‘Mergers, tie-ups give seafarers hope’

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When shipping took a down turn in 2008, one of the hardest hit was the containerization industry. Its recovery was excruciatingly slow and even a decade after the global economic crisis, shipping is still suffering as a result of over tonnage and over building from prior years. Ships are still being sold and companies are […]

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Marina launches online appointment system

As part of its effort to be at pace with a fast growing maritime technology and automation, the Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) launched last May 25, the Marina Online Appointment System. It allows seafarers and stakeholders to have access to an automated system which provides an easier and more convenient way to complete necessary processes […]

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Strategies that shipping companies can adopt to raise funds

Shipping is a multi-billion-dollar industry and undoubtedly an effective engine that spurs the growth of the global economy. The seaborne trade has been and will always be the channel for distributing goods and cargos, with the distance varying from one port to the next. Without adequate funding support, vessels will not be able to leave […]

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