Stories written by Agent Tinig

Fake Promises and Broken Dreams

“Earn dollars, see the world for free and have a girl in every port.” This is the phrase that maritime schools often use as come-on, either as a blatant offer or as a subtle hint, particularly on collecting girlfriends, to lure unsuspecting students. Little do they know that this catching phase has wrecked a thousand […]

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21 Foods That Naturally Unclog Arteries

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                  If your goal is to restore or maintain a healthy heart, there are a variety of foods that can help to unclog arteries of plaque build-up, lower your blood pressure, and reduce inflammation – the main culprits of cardiovascular illness. Many of the foods on this […]

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Super Shuttle ferry sinks off Manila Bay, 15 crew rescued

A shuttle ferry sank off Manila Bay Sunday night amid big waves, heavy rain and strong winds brought by Typhoon Luis (Kalmaegi). Many of the crewmembers were traumatized after being separated from each other when the Super Shuttle Ferry 7 sank, GMA News’ Victoria Tulad reported on Unang Balita. The crewmembers held on aboard life […]

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Of EMSA Assessment, Maritime Education and Training

The RESULT OF EMSA INPECTION ON MARITIME SCHOOLS AND TRAINING CENTERS filled me with dismay and disgust. I wonder why, after all these years, corrective actions have not been done to rectify the root-cause of the educational predicaments of maritime schools in the Philippines despite the possibility of Filipino seafarers being blacklisted in European ships […]

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Students Using Computers & Eye Care Tips

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Have the child’s vision checked to ensure that the child can see clearly and comfortably, and to detect any hidden conditions that may contribute to eye-strain. When necessary, glasses, contact lenses, or vision therapy can provide clear, comfortable vision, not just for using the computer, but for all other aspects of daily activities. Strictly enforce […]

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Unflagging Support for the Families of the M/V Princess of the Stars Tragedy

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  The lost souls of the M/V Princess of the Stars are still crying out for justice. We hear their cries. The public – and the government – may have forgotten, but UFS has not. It has been seven years since the 2008 sinking of the vessel Princess of The Stars off Sibuyan Island in […]

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