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Blockchain to quantify garbage in dirty rivers

An environmentalist group vowed to clean up Pasig River using blockchain technology, a move that is seen to resolve garbage problems in other parts of the world. Environmentalist and entrepreneur Mariano Jose Diaz Villafuerte IV has introduced blockchain application, a distributed ledge platform (DLT) that can generate data on garbage and plastics in the rivers, […]

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TCPO gears crew to a safer, healthy & environment-friendly sailing

In its effort to keep its harmonious cooperation to crew members and the assurance that their fleet follows the standards with regards to safety, health and environmental protection, TCPO for the 5th year kicks-off the 2018 Safety, Health and Environmental Conference in Manila. The conference, held at the Philippine International Convention Center last June 05-06 […]

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CHINA’s Continuing Seizure Over Spratlys: Uncontrollable?

We have written so much about China’s invasion in our own backyard, in our previous articles, but this one is another alarming concern. The Asia Maritim Transparency Initiative (AMTI) says the landing of a Shaanxi Y8 military plane (US equivalent of C130’s?) should be especially galling to the Philippines, which has 100 civilians and a […]

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One Ocean—The Country’s First VR/AR Powered Training & Assessment Center

Have you ever imagined that one day, seafarers’ and maritime students training would not consume their precious time of immersing into a training ship to get well rounded of its segments? Or trainings and assessments will be ‘techie’ as if you are playing your favorite Playstation, in the comfort of the centers you are enrolled […]

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Your body needs you to take care of it. If you don’t take care of it, you lose it. Like a car, your body needs to undergo periodic maintenance. Listen to the body and be mindful of what it needs. Your body is a gift, and you are entrusted to take care of it. It […]

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Here are some direct answers: “Nope. The trick is to keep them moving so they are in one place as short a time as possible. If someone breaks the seal and steals everything inside, that will be noticed quickly and at least the location where it occurred can be identified and watched for further theft […]

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