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9 missing as ship loaded with cement sinks off Batangas

Search operations are ongoing for at least nine crewmembers of a cargo vessel that sank off Batangas province Thursday evening. The Philippine Coast Guard said the vessel was loaded with 20,000 sacks of cement when it sank, radio dzBB’s Carlo Mateo reported early Friday. Initial information indicated the sinking occurred off Lobo in Batangas. Posts […]

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OBRA Merits Maritime Labor Leader

The 6th Outstanding  OFW and Balikbayan Reputation Award (OBRA) has recognized the valuable contribution of  Engr. Nelson Ramirez, a former seaman turned maritime labor leader,  newspaper publisher, radio anchorman and TV host,  to the community and society. EXLINKS Events, the producer and organizer of OBRA, lauded Engr. Ramirez on his dedication to promote the welfare […]

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Dangers of Enclosed Spaces on Shipboard Operations, Safety Precautionary Procedures

An enclosed space should never be entered without proper safety precautions. Numerous fatalities and accidents have occurred with seafarers, surveyors, stevedores, shoreside workers, and many others simply because of improper onboard practices. The reality behind these tragedies is one that should be properly addressed at an early stage to prevent further damages and unforeseen and […]

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Robert Rey Gambe: UFS Future Ex-President

The road to success for Robert Rey Gambe was paved by his mentor, Engr. Nelson P. Ramirez, the incumbent president and founder of United Filipino Seafarers (UFS). Fame and fortune was within his reach, until Gambe took an unfortunate gamble and opted to take a shortcut through nefarious means. Unlike his mentor who started the […]

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DAMN INTERESTING!! A Wing-in-Ground Crafts in the Making

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s a ship…what is it? A concept aircraft currently under the development at Boeing’s Phantom Research and Development Unit might become the largest airplane to ever fly. It is the PELICAN. Performance specs describe it has a span of 150 meters and can carry 1,400 tons of […]

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Integrated Seafarers of the Philippines: Towards Financial Security for Filipino Seafarers

One of the main reasons why seafaring is a sought-after career among Filipinos is its being able to pay extremely well. In a country where the majority cannot afford to own houses and brand-new cars, the families of Filipino marinos get to enjoy many luxuries: prestigious private schools, flashy rides, well-appointed residences, trips abroad, the […]

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