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First step in Reforming Maritime Education

First step in Reforming Maritime Education For years, sub-stand maritime schools and even fly-by-night training centers operated with impunity. The people behind these pseudo academic institutions flouted the law as if they have the license to fool and victimize people and even derive great profits in the process. The maritime industry authority (MARINA) in a […]

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Methanol, the Next Generation of Maritime Fuel

Finding the best environmental and economical alternative for a sustainable and successful maritime transport industry is the concern of everyone. Can methanol, the highly toxic substance unlike ethanol be the key to the next generation of maritime fuel? Let us find out. CH3OH, the chemical formula for methanol is often shortened as MeOH. It is […]

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Chinese sailors die off Zamboanga

Two Chinese sailors died while another more was rushed on Sunday to a hospital from their ship off Zamboanga City in southern Philippines, police said. Police said the ship’s captain, Shengbo Wang, radioed the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) before dawn and sought emergency medical evacuation of the injured sailor. The dead sailors were identified as […]

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Fire hits two ferry boats docked near MOA

A fire engulfed two ferry boats on Sunday, causing it to sink while these were docked at the seaside of Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City. The fire sent a column of black smoke into the clear blue sky as it destroyed M/V Carmen and M/V Dona Adelina before these eventually sank and fire fighters […]

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Number of Seafarers Deployed Abroad Down

The number of Filipino seafarers being deployed abroad has started to dwindle, the United Filipino Seafarers (UFS) revealed over the weekend. In a letter addressed to Maritime Industry Authority Administrator Maximo Mejia Jr., engineer Nelson Ramirez, president of UFS, said this is a main concern for their ranks, since it is the first time in […]

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21 dead, dozen missing in Haiti shipwreck: official

Twenty-one migrants died and around a dozen more were missing after their boat sank off the north coast of Haiti, a senior official said Thursday. Haiti’s civil protection directorate chief Marie Alta Jean-Baptiste said those on board the ship, around 50 people, had been trying to reach Providenciales Island in the neighboring Turks and Caicos. […]

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