Your body needs you to take care of it. If you don’t take care of it, you lose it. Like a car, your body needs to undergo periodic maintenance.
Listen to the body and be mindful of what it needs.

Your body is a gift, and you are entrusted to take care of it. It is our duty to keep it in top shape.
Honor your body with these 10 Health Commitments.

1. Wash Your Hands
For centuries, hand washing has been part of hygiene practice.
The World Health Organization says that washing your hands is the simplest and most effective way in controlling the spread of disease. It is a very simple act that can keep us all from getting sick. A long list of communicable disease can be prevented when your hands are not dirty. Remember, clean hands save lives.

Anytime is a good time. When your hands are visibly dirty, wash with mild soap and running water. When there is none, use a handrub at least. Keep your hands clean especially before and after going to the toilet. Before shaking hands with another person, before touching anything that your person may come in contact with, ask yourself if your hands are clean. Sometimes it may not seem obviously dirty, but remember where your hands have been. Wash your hands and make it a habit.

2. Cut It Clean
Oh yes, here’s another hygiene practice that is very important. Long nails could harbor many disease-causing agents underneath.
Keep it short and keep it clean. No nail-biting please. For the ladies, I know there are times you’d love for it to grow and have it manicured. Make sure it’s always clean. You can actually tell a lot about person’s health by just looking at their nails.

3. Shower Power
Your body is exposed to the elements and it gathers dust and dirt at any moment. Take a bath and wash yourself of those including the excess sweat and oil your skin produces. Microorganisms like bacteria love a warm, moist and dirty body. It multiplies and gives you that distinctive body odor. Take a shower and gain your confidence back.
Remember that your skin is the primary defense of the body. Lather up with mild soap to avoid dryness. Rub your body gently, giving a focus on some areas that produce a lot of sweat and oil like armpits and groin. Make sure you rinse thoroughly too, don’t let any residue be left on your skin. Best if you use an herbal, chemical free soap with some natural oils. It cleans well and it also protects your skin.

4. Keep Your Mouth Clean
Your mouth is one of the gateways to the body. Your teeth and gums are like towers that guard the passageway. You wouldn’t like it to be filthy right? It is recommended that you brush your teeth every after meal. Why? Because whenever you eat, there are always some particles that get stuck in your teeth and mouth. It becomes food for microorganisms that may lead to tooth decay and gum problems. Best if you use soft bristles to brush your teeth gently. Go for natural ingredients for the agents that you use on your mouth. Floss daily. See your dentist once every 6 months. Your saliva also acts as a cleaning agent. That’s why naturally sour fruits or food is also good for your mouth because it promote production of saliva. Remember to get well hydrated too so you have enough production of saliva, and it keeps your mouth and lips from breaking.

5. Sprinkle On A Routine
I recommend that you empty your urinary bladder on a routine.
Go to the toilet every 3-4 hours or whenever possible. Your kidneys constantly produce urine, at least 30ml per hour for healthy kidneys. And the urine is stored in your urinary bladder before emptying. Your bladder needs to be emptied regularly to avoid stasis of urine that promotes bacterial growth, which may lead to urinary infection.
Whenever you go, go clean. Ladies, wipe from up to down to avoid contaminating your urethra. Gentlemen, shake it off if you must. Wash your hands after okay?
When going for long trips, or before going to sleep, jingle and tinkle to keep your urinary bladder empty and give space for the production of urine. You don’t need to feel full in your bladder before you go. If you do, it means you need to visit the toilet more often.

6. Squat For #2
Number #1 is for urinating. Number #2 is for eliminating your stools. This may sound funny but I recommend that you squat when you go for #2. It’s the natural way to do it.

Let me share to you some anatomy lesson.

Your rectum is naturally in a curves position when you stand. It’s through the action of your pubo-rectalis muscle. Try doing #2 while standing up, it’s almost impossible right? Your body is made this way. Your puborectalis muscle relaxes slightly when you are sitting down. The curve of your rectum is less but the passageway is still at the best position for elimination. In this position, there are wastes that are left behind in your rectum. These left behind stools becomes a toxic substance for your body that may lead to microorganism growth, inflammation, and eventually disease. This position also makes you strain and push the wastes with effort, which may lead to hemorrhoid formation. For full release of the stools, try going into a squatting position. Your puborectalis fully relaxes and your rectum is in a much straighter position for full transit. No leftovers. The wastes are fully eliminated. It makes your tummy really happy and healthy.

7. Sit And Stand Like A Soldier
A healthy spine leads to a healthy body my yoga teacher would always say. Your spine plays a big role in your body because it houses the spinal cord from which spinal nerves emerge and these controls the functions of your body, including the internal organs and the limbs. It’s the path of communication of your brain and your body. When there is good connection, there is good functioning of your body.
Keep your spine straight but not stiff.

When standing, take the posture of a soldier. Chin is up, chest is out, shoulders aligned to your ears, and the tummy is in. When sitting down, do the same thing. Rest your back on the chair and leave no space on your lower back so you get it supported. Avoid looking down on your computer or gadget for a long period of time because it makes your neck and shoulder muscles tense and it will hurt. Do regular stretch breaks too to avoid sitting for a long time and straining your neck muscles. I see a lot of my patients recovering from back pains just by consistently having a good posture.

8. Do Some Locomotion
Our body is made to move! That’s why we have arms, hands, legs, and feet! Plus the back has a very strong spine that supports the whole frame of the body. Most of our gadgets now have this steps tracker that can help you see how much walking you have done for the day. Try to have at least 10,000 steps per day.
Every morning when you wake up, do some stretching exercises from head to toe. This can also improve the circulation of blood in your body.

9. Soak Under The Sun
A simple tip: the longer your shadow is, the longer you can stay under the sun. It’s great that we are in a tropical country that gives us a steady exposure to the sun in our seasons. We have good access to the sun and it stimulates our skin to produce natural Vitamin D. If you are working from 8am-5pm, try to go out and get some sun during breaks. Oh! Just a trivia, the sun is a natural anti-depressant so if you kind of feel blue, go out and soak in the sun.

10. Breathe Like A Baby
Look at a baby and learn how to breathe.

They are nasal breathers and their tummy rises up and down as they breathe. Do conscious breathing during your breaks in a day. Breathe in through your nose, exhale through your mouth. When you inhale deeply your lungs inflates, your diaphragm (the muscle in between your chest and abdomen) flattens and your tummy expands. When you do deep breathing you inhale more life-giving oxygen and more carbon dioxide waste that you exhale out of your body. It promotes relaxation of the body and rejuvenation of your vitality. It’s a quick relief from a headache, muscle pain, and even anxiety.

Make these simple health habits your commitments to yourself. And when consistently done overtime, it will prevent you from getting sick, and it will help your body to be at it’s best everyday. Do the habits that your body will thank you for!

Blessing and healing,

Dr. Didoy Lubaton

Dr. Didoy graduated from University of Santo Tomas, Manila. He practices natural and holistic approach to health as a primary care physician. As a corporate speaker, he gives practical and powerful health talks and other training programs. Together with his team, they have helped various companies and organizations with their needs on corporate health, leadership trainings, conflict management, and professional development.

Connect with him through these channels:
Facebook: Didoy Lubaton M.D.
Instagram: @didoymd

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