Body seen after Hong Kong yacht sails into storm in the South China Sea


A yacht was speculatively sunk after Typhoon Kabayan hit South China Sea, as Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) found unidentified body and a life jacket near its last known position on Tuesday. According to coast guard spokesman Commander Armand Balilo, a Philippine coast guard auxiliary plane saw a lifeless body floating and a life jacket; as well […]

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MARINA o MALI’na?: Isang kilos protesta laban sa korapsyon sa maritima

marina rally cover

Tunay bang may pakialam ka? Pero paano mo masasabing may pakialam ka, kung hindi ka makikialam? Halina’t makiisa sa malawakang kilos protesta ng United Filipino Seafarers laban sa MARINA na mistulang anay na patuloy na sumisira sa haligi ng industriya maritima. Halina’t itama ang mali. Ang mga kamalian na tunay na nagpapahirap sa mga marinong […]

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UK Sailors’ Society debuts Manila chapter with gala dinner, vows to build 100 homes for ‘Yolanda’-hit areas


Sailors’ Society kicked off its first gala dinner in the Philippines and announced an expansion of its home building initiative. The Sailors’ Society, the UK-based global charity for seafarers, launched its first annual gala dinner in Manila on Saturday, a move that follows the official establishment of a Philippines chapter of the organisation last year. Under […]

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BZ Alpha Navigation: Vestige of Hope on the High Seas


Months after the alarming revelation of the Philippine Overseas Employment Authority (POEA) regarding the 13,287 decrease in deployment of Filipino seafarers, a thriving international shipping company targeted to provide roughly 10,000 jobs by the end of 2017. Enduring the blistering heat of the metro, both young and old seafarers flock to the temporary headquarters of […]

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A RAGE AGAINST CORRUPTION: UFS to conduct a massive rally against MARINA


Obliteration of the rotten era continues as the monsters in the Philippine maritime sector –Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) will brace a big wave of protest that will be held in front of their office building on October 14, 2015, early 8 in the morning. The said rally is being spearheaded by the United Filipino Seafarers […]

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Senate clears shipping companies’ alleged imposition of charges


The government has effectively cleared the allegation regarding shipping lines who keep on imposing various hefty fees on local traders after the Federation of Philippine Industries (FPI) sought the attention of the Senate to conduct an investigation for this matter. A letter was sent by the FPI to the Senate Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship Committee […]

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‘Erratic maneuver’ one of causes of Ormoc boat tragedy


The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has submitted to the transportation department its final report on the sinking of the boat in Ormoc in July that killed 62 of the passengers, identifying “erratic maneuver” as one of the causes of the accident. Rear Admiral William Melad, PCG deputy commandant, said on Tuesday, September 22, that the […]

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16 PH fishermen sue China at UN over sea dispute


Sixteen fishermen from this western Pangasinan town on Tuesday appealed to the United Nations to ask China to respect their rights over their traditional fishing grounds in the Scarborough Shoal in the West Philippine Sea. In a 26-page petition e-mailed to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and to the UN special rapporteurs on […]

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Analysis: High-tech ships threaten seafaring skills


A new tier of personnel for technologically advanced ships might steal the cream of maritime jobs from seafarers, IHS Maritime & Trade reports. Seafarer skills have always had to evolve to meet the advancement of technologies deployed on board. This evolution presents the challenges of training to ensure on board safety and, as crews become […]

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Norwegian ship owners to sue Kenyan state over illegal drugs and weapons claim


The owners of the Norwegian vessel MV Hoegh Transporter  will sue the state for defamation, loss of revenue and damages to the cargo, as they was being detained for days at the Port of Mombasa since last Thursday. Per the owner’s criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta, the said powders that suspected to be narcotics were just […]

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Five injured after fire sweeps through boats anchored in Hong Kong’s Shau Kei Wan


At least ten boats were being destroyed as they blazed on fire resulting to injuries of five people and two fishing families became homeless last September 26 in Shau Kei Wan. Loud explosions on the other side of Victoria Harbour was heard as the vessels burned down and the fire quickly swept through the typhoon […]

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Bulk Jupiter Investigation Prompts IMO Bauxite Liquefaction Warning


The International Maritime Organization is taking action to warn ship Masters about the possible dangers of bauxite liquefaction following findings from an investigation into the fatal sinking of Bulk Jupiter in January 2015. The new warning was released in a circular approved by IMO’s Sub-Committee on Carriage of Containers and Cargoes (CCC) during a meeting last […]

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General cargo ship Ganda collided with ferry Erdemler-5 in Dardanelles


The general cargo ship Ganda collided with ferry Erdemler-5 in Dardanelles Strait near the Gallipoli area in Turkey. The cargo ship was passing the strait in southern direction from Rostov-on-Don, Russia to Durres, Albania, but due to navigation mistake of the duty officer hit the starboard of the ferry and cased sufficient damages of the […]

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Floating Oil Storage and the Crude Market Widening Contango


When future delivery prices go beyond the current rates, it is said to be in contango. The crude market contango system is caused by the financial crisis with a deceleration in global demand. Hold onto it until such time the price climbs high in the market. When oil tanker company shares climb up, tankers are […]

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The Alliance of Five Dry Bulk Carriers Forming Capesize Chartering Ltd.  


  The world’s biggest dry bulk carriers joined forces with the aim of consolidating the industry to cut operational costs and coordinate chartering services. This happens to be the first ever dry bulk pool in 15 years. The previous one had its partners separating ways and led to its disintegration lasting for only about a […]

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India opens coastal shipping to foreign-flagged vessels


Special vessels like Roll-On Roll-Off (Ro-Ro), Hybrid Roll-On Roll-Off (Hybrid Ro-Ro), Roll-On Roll-Off cum Passenger (Ro-Pax), Pure Car Carriers, Pure Car and Truck Carriers, LNG vessels and Over-Dimensional cargo or Project Cargo Carriers have been relaxed cabotage for a period of five years, according to official announcement by the Indian Government. With this relaxation, vessel […]

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Tinig ng Marino 113 – Sunken Ships and Sinking Dreams

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Tinig ng Marino 112 – Maritime Industry In Crisis

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Tinig ng Marino 111 – Marina Makes A Bold Move

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