Alassia Annual Officer’s Conference: Empowering the crew in attaining safety

  Employees are company’s greatest as – set – they’re your competitive advan – tage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encour – agement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s mission. – Anne M. Mulcahy This quote applies the same to Alassia […]

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  Deception is a trick or scheme used to get what you want. Like the deception, you used to get your sister to agree to do all your chores for a month. Deception happens when you deceive someone or everyone. The result may be making people believe that by paying a lot of money for […]

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Seven missing after USS Fitzgerald collides with merchant ship off Japan

                  Rescue crews are searching for seven US navy crew members and at least three others are being treated for injuries after their guided missile destroyer collided with a container ship off the coast of Japan. Japanese coast guard officials dispatched patrol vessels and an aeroplane while the […]

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Major Ukrainian Seafarer Unions shakes Philippines and India with a new CBA

Major Ukrainian trade unions sends shocks to traditional manning capitals, the Philippines and India, as they united and settled a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with the lowest recommended salary for ratings starting from $1,085 a month, making the crewing market more destabilized. Ukrainian trade unions have founded the Ukrainian National Plat­form of Maritime Trade […]

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UFS goes ‘bloody’: donates blood to PNRC

CADETS of the United Filipino Seafarers (UFS) have somehow extended the lives of patients who badly need blood transfusion, after they voluntarily donated their precious blood to the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) recently. Willing UFS and staff of the UFS eagerly donated their blood last March 16, 2017 at the headquarters of PNRC-National Blood […]

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Filipino Seafarer Deployment Downturns in 2016

                      From a number of 406,531 Filipino seafarers deployed overseas in the year 2015, it has declined to a total of 304, 329 last year. As a result of the falloff in the global shipping industry, the num­ber of deployed seafarers in 2015 was down […]

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Tech Savvy Pirates Threaten Marine Industry

                  Imagine being a pirate sailing on the high seas around the world, hop­ing to catch a land of gold mine or a ship that is loaded with exactly what you’ve been searching for. Im­agine how much easier it would be if there was a way to […]

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New Red Cross ship to serve as ambulance and disaster response vessel

                        Now on its 70th year, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) has welcomed the newest— and biggest—member of its family: M/V Susitna, the 195-foot military prototype vessel the PRC will use as its ambulance and disaster response ship. But as with any new member […]

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Spain: Workers Suspend Strikes as Companies Quit Anesco

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The Spanish stevedoring unions have decided to shelve their strike plans for the rest of this month as a sign of good will. The move was prompted by a letter from Javier Vidal, president of the Association of Port Stevedoring Companies of Barcelona, who asked for the suspension of strikes after major port companies left the […]

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Maritime Industry Needs Better Data Sharing and Collaboration, But Change Is Coming

  The maritime industry and broader ocean supply chain are suffering from major and costly inefficiencies due to ineffective data sharing and poor cross-industry collaboration, a new report and industry survey released by the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network in coordination with Navis and XVELA, both part of Cargotec, shows. However, the shipping industry is […]

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Chemical tanker Aquarius sank after explosion in Singapore Strait

    The chemical tanker Aquarius sank after explosion and subsequent fire in Singapore Strait on 4.6 nautical miles southwest off Tanjung Pengelih in Johor, Malaysia. Following the accident six crew went missing. The exact details around the accident are unknown, as the shipowner and agent lost connection with the Indonesia tanker, loaded with fuel. […]

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One dead and three injured after explosion on Petrobras drillship NS-32 in Campos Basin

     Explosion on Petrobras drilling ship NS-32 caused the dead of one personnel, while another three were seriously injured and airlifted to local hospital hospital. The vessel is managed by Odebrecht and was operating at Marlim Field in Campos Basin on 60 nautical miles off Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but suffered explosion during maintenance […]

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Recreation boat sank after collision with chemical tanker Esta Desgagnes in USA

   Recreation boat sank after collision with chemical tanker Esta Desgagnes in Lake St Clair on 2 nautical miles east off Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, USA. Following the accident the skipper of the boat fell in water. The master of chemical tanker reported the accident immediately to local authorities and US Coast Guard via VHF. […]

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Product tanker Kiyosato Maru collided with bulk carrier JP Cosmos in Tokyo Bay

         The product tanker Kiyosato Maru collided with bulk carrier JP Cosmos in Tokyo Bay southeast off Minami, Japan. The both vessel were proceeding on crossing routes in the heavy traffic area, as the tanker was en root from Nagoya, while dry cargo vessel was leaving the port of Yokohama. The circumstances […]

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Heavy marine fuel spilled during bunker operations of bulk carrier at Skagen Anchorage

     Heavy marine fuel spilled during bunker operations of Bulgarian bulk carrier Koznitza from motor tanker Aalbong on Skagen Anchorage in Denmark. The accident occurred on May 27 in the early morning and was confirmed by the local authorities. After the fuel leak was noticed by the officers of the ships, the bunkering operation […]

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Ferry Kydon crashed into pier at Port of Santo Domingo

   Caribbean ferry Kydon crashed into the pier at Port of Sansouci in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The accident happened during docking maneuver and caused sufficient damages to the vessel and the port structure. According to reports, the ferry had just arrived in Santo Domingo and was already partially tied up with ramp being lowered, […]

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Tinig ng Marino 124- UFS Speaks Out on Questionable MARINA issues


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Tinig ng Marino 122- The Greek Connection

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Tinig ng Marino 123- FALL FROM GRACE (Pinoy Marino Lost the Top spot)

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